Woman Crush Wednesday- Tamron Hall

The media queen, Tamron Hall is our wcw.
She is the talk show hostess of the Tamara Hall show produced by Disney airing engaging conversations and exploring motherhood and lifestyle.

Tamron Hall, 49 is married to music executive, Steven Greener and both are older parents.

They welcomed their first child in 2019, Moses whom Tamaron calls her “sonshine” and her miracle baby.

After trying to conceive in her 30s and undergoing different sessions of IVFs, she was determined to have her baby. She described her 40s as Gray. Nothiñg seemed shiny and optimistic “

She kept on trying, she never gave up.
When she conceived, she kept it private for 32 weeks.

Tamron shared that she was an emotional roller coaster while expectant. The transition into a new stage of life was overwhelming but the support of her community, her inner circle of friends and family during the time helped her a great deal.

Not just older moms, but moms in general will always fare well a great deal, physically mentally and emotionally when they know that aren’t alone, that’s why the support of family, friends and community cannot be over-emphasized and it is for this reason Momat4ty exists, to support older moms and expectant intending moms.

Age will never be a barrier to achieving whatsoever it is we truly desire..so long we have the determination and a supportive community our dreams whatsoever can become our reality.

Cheers to motherhood and hope