As a registered Nurse, there are some things you feel will not be a problem or that you can avoid but that is not always the case.

I got married in the year 2010 and it seemed all blissful but the bliss was followed by a constant scrutiny of my belly. Trust our culture lol people expect to see you pregnant after 2 months of marriage and when you are not, the questions start rolling in.

At first my husband was very supportive and understanding. He didn’t bother about the questions from family and friends but after a few years, it got to him too and our relationship experienced some strain. This left me devastated and scared for my marriage and as I was almost giving up on my marriage but God came through for me.

Thank God for supportive friends. One of my friends who was also going through the same issue at a point, introduced me to a fertility journey program organized by a fertility clinic. She had been a part of the program and it worked for her as she soon conceived so, she felt it will be good for me to give it a try since medically, I was ok.

At this time, I was 36years old, 8 years in marriage. This was last year and after a few months, at August to be precise, I found out I was pregnant. I was happy but a bit cautious as I had experienced miscarriages in the past but you know, miscarriage is not counted as being pregnant lol. It is funny how I can laugh about it now but it was not a funny experience.

My pregnancy was a smooth one. No morning sickness, no stress but the only issue was I was not eating all through to my 3rd trimester. Anytime I went for my antenatal visit, my Doctor will ask what my concern was and I would repeat I was not eating lol. My only craving was for noodles and a bottle of 7up. Even the noodles, I could only have a little bit but towards my EDD,  I started eating well.

Everyone was happy to see I was pregnant the most excited person was my husband. My EDD was pegged at April 23rd and my Hubby and I thought it will be a pleasant gift if our baby arrived on our anniversary that is our 9th wedding anniversary which was 17th of April this year (2019),  so I started doing some exercise to make baby come early (laughs hysterically) including taking some fruits lol.

On the day of our anniversary, I had contractions and I was so happy so we left for the hospital but by the time I got there, the contraction stopped (lmao). It picked up a little but baby did not come on our anniversary day.

We welcomed our beautiful Princess the next day after four hours of labour (I was induced). It was so beautiful and an emotional one for me as I was all tears in the theater to the extent the nurses started asking why was I crying instead of celebrating. A senior Midwife stood in for me and told them to let me be because she knew I had waited 9 good years to become a Mom.

 It was 9 long years and I was so happy to see I was a Mom at last. Every time I went to see my baby in the nursery (while still in the hospital), tears of joy will fill my eye.

Motherhood has been fun, very educative and a lot of first-time experience one very crazy experience was colic. Wow, it was a scary one on till my Mom dictected and told me the issue this is why it is good to read up a lot before having a baby.

Motherhood is fun, interesting and exciting. I wake up every day and look at her and tell myself it’s been worth the wait. Her native name ‘Oluwashindara’ meaning God is still performing wonders is a testimony to my story.

I hope my story will encourage someone. The wait can be crazy but it will happen at the right time just believe in God.

I am praying for you all.